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23 April, 2021

Put a thong in it Karen

G’DAY Tropicairnians, This week I am having a 2-part rant/opinion.

By Wayne Marshall

The first part of this week’s dissertation is about the great 2 week mask wearing exercise that all of Queensland had to endure because of the apparent escape of COVID-19 from Brisvagas.

Now, if we had declared FNQ as its own state as I suggested, and lifted the draw-bridge none of us would have had to breathe our own hot air.

I know many other states and countries have suffered longer and worse conditions, but this is why us northern hot weather dwellers live here so we can live this great tropical life-style.

But in fairness the majority went along with the exercise and wore those mini ovens over our gobs, and there were people who had medical exemptions which is fair enough.

Unfortunately you get the ‘COVID-KARENS’ (remember those people, I was hoping we could forget about them).

They had no medical conditions except Five-three’itis, (five foot three and six foot up themselves) combined with a high opinion of themselves and a feeling they are untouchable.

I witnessed the Police and security at the Big Marlin trying to get these oxygen-thieves to adhere to the law without going to the point of issuing fines, you are very patient law-people, more tolerant than you should have been.

Also witnessed the disgusting way these ‘KARENS’ abused retail employees for trying to do their jobs as they have been instructed to do by their companies and the Queensland Government. Every one of you above mentioned oxygen thieves should crawl back to the swamps.

 The second part of my ranting is about the great need of walking around this paradise in bare foot.

Yes you heard me correctly – abandon those air and sun robbing things called shoes and socks. Chuck on the thongs or sandals getting back to nature as demands in this beautiful FNQ.

There are places like working areas where this is not possible but there is nothing better than wandering around town or in air-conditioned shopping centres and even walking into the shallow end of the lagoon with thongs or bare feet, oh yeah the great cool relief.

 Keep living the true life in the tropics.



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