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27 August, 2021

Prepared to be challenged

The latest Rondo offering: Myth, Propaganda and Disaster

By Peter McCullagh

PHOTO: Barton Photography

A challenging and thought-provoking evening is assured should you attend the latest offering at the Rondo.

Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America by Stephen Sewell is guaranteed to ignite the conversation and challenge the norm.

Written in 2003, in a post 9/11 world Sewell challenges audiences with questions that resonated at that time, strangely enough those exact questions are just as relevant today in our current COVID-clouded climate.

Should personal freedom ever be sacrificed for national good? When does patriotism degenerate into nationalism? And how bravely should our university thinkers confront these issues?

Myth Propaganda and Disaster is a story about Talbot, an Australian Professor of Political Science in New York. As a freethinker he takes a stand against President Bush’s “War on Terror”. His controversial stance places Talbot at odds with sections of society.

After a violent attack by a mysterious man, perhaps a CIA operative or ‘right-wing’ thug, Talbot’s life is turned on its head. His downfall as a result of this mysterious attack is remarkable.

Almost ‘Orwellian’ in style, Myth, Propaganda and Disaster is the 1984 of the stage. A production with relevance today, a remarkable journey through current events and modern tragedy.

Be aware, this is a long production, but well worth attending. Be prepared to be challenged and provoked. The title is indeed a controversial one, to draw parallels between modern America and Nazi Germany should lay a good foundation for the theatre experience we will be treated to.

Opening Friday September 10 and running for a season of 8 nights. Tickets are available from ticketlink. 

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