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24 April, 2021

Play drives a message of safety

The latest offering from Jute Theatre Company, 'Dare to Dream' is set to tour the far north, visiting Aboriginal communities over the coming months.

By Peter McCullagh

Leonard Donahue and Joan MacKenzie

Titled ‘Dare to Dream 2021: Back on Track’ this production features a First Nations cast and crew including actors Leonard Donahue  and Joan MacKenzie.

The play features strong road safety messaging about the importance of road and bike safety.

The production is very youth based and features a high energy narrative scripted for the school student audience.

Playwright and director Isaac Drandic said Back on Track was the story about 10-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a dare - devil motor-cross champion just like his hero, Chad Reed.

Eric lives with his grandmother (nan), who has laid down the law about motorbikes and road safety. Nan insists Eric wear a crash helmet and he is not allowed to practice with other kids.

Eric wonders how is ever going to be a champion with such tough rules. Nan has good reason to be cautious; both Eric’s parents died a few years back in a car crash when someone threw a rock at their moving car. Eric alone survived the crash because he was wearing a seat belt.

One night Eric’s cousin Dennis tempts him to sneak out and ride the practice tracks...without his helmet. How off track can he go?

Between playing it safe and taking risks, Eric has to find a way of making his dream come true, which just happen means getting back on track and listening to his own instinct – and his nan.

Back on Track visits Yarrabah next week.  The project begins with a performance of Back on Track which students are invited by the performers to use as inspiration to develop their own short play performed at the end of the week.

Cast and Crew

Playwright and Director: Isaac Drandic


Leonard Donahue plays 10-year-old boy, Eric MacKenzie.

 Taeg Twist plays Nan, Eric’s grandmother, Joan MacKenzie, Dennis, Eric’s 16-year-old cousin and the doctor.

 Music: David Hudson

 Costumes and Set: Hayley Gillespie

 Stage and Tour Manager: PJ Rosas

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