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4 March, 2021

Wayne's World: Like us on FaceFail

Wayne's World March 5, 2021

By Wayne Marshall

G’day Tropicairnians,

 We have all we just seen Social Media at its worst.

Oh Facebook what have you tried to create? Do you think you are a sovereign country that is apparently untouchable?

You tried world dominance but eventually found out that the rest of the world population will not tolerate such self-promoting and high standing upstarts.

 As we normal humans pay well over 20% in tax and pay for services that we want to access, follow rules and regulations of the country we live in, but if you are a tech giant these rules do not apply.

They can cut off free speech, pay a paltry 2.4% tax and refuse to pay for news media services that they use and if you complain, then the whole country is held for ransom.

Communities have lost communications with emergency services such as medical, weather, fire services and so many others.

All this because some mega businesses can never get enough money and can never step on enough peasants.

 So my thought is that I should get dressed and painted up on a Saturday morning, go into the city and get a good photo for this column. A few years ago you would find stickers with “like us on Facebook” on nearly every shop window, but bugger if I could find one and after 4 hours and many kilometres of walking around I finally found one shop in Stockland’s Earlville promoting Facefail.

 Now on the other side of coin, I believe we were way better off as humans before social media, as people actually talked with each other via telephones, at restaurants, unfortunately at the movies, in lines waiting for football tickets, even at school.

Another of the evil concepts of the cursed social media is cyber bullying that has caused way too many children to commit suicide at a rate never seen before and getting worse by the minute.

 Then there is the everyday evil side of social media and mobile phones, people driving while working these evil units, maiming and or killing others so they can be popular with people that they will probably never meet.

It makes us negative, envious and affects our self-esteem. It makes us seek external validation constantly and is ruining our relationships. A good example is to go to any restaurant and witness couples having a meal and not talking to each other, rather they will be texting to someone else, nowhere to be seen.

 When it comes to angry, confronting sites, or stupid people swearing at or abusing others, this is not on for me. I like to use social media to check out happy goats jumping, fainting or eating everything in reach, and also for sending photos of me doing stupid things like bungy jumping at the age of 58 and of course all the painted beards.

 Please re-join the human race, look up, smile and engage with real people around you.


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