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7 May, 2021

Launch for rising writing stars

Two talented local writers will launch their recently published novels at a ‘Bright Stars Book Launch’ next Saturday, May 15 from 1-3pm at Dunwoody’s Tavern.

By Tanya Murphy

Phillip Dowsett and Jeanette McInnes with their recently published books. Photo: Tanya Murphy

Literary fans are invited to come along, meet the authors and enjoy a drink and a meal at the event, hosted by Cairns Tropical Writers (CTW).

It will also be a great opportunity for aspiring writers to meet other writers and learn from them about the process of writing a book.

Phillip Dowsett will launch his book ‘A Sultan’s Folly,’ published by Aurora House, which has already sold thousands of copies online.

The book centres around two mystical artefacts from the sub-continent, a web of intrigue, and an intense friendship.

Mr Dowsett, a former accountant, spent years living and working in community development in India, and his vivid depiction of life in India is a feast for the senses, while also exploring the issue of gay rights in India.

The protagonists’ fight to evade powerful forces of evil and solve a long-lost riddle to avoid certain death will keep the pages turning.

Mr Dowsett only took up writing after retiring in his late 50s in 2010, joined Tropical Writers in 2016, and with the club’s support was able to self-publish his first book ‘Eyes from the Rock’ on Amazon in 2017.

Now, to sign a book deal with a publisher on only his second book is a great achievement.

‘A Sultan’s Folly’ is available on Amazon and other book retail platforms as well as at

Also at the event, fellow local writer Jeanette McInnes will launch her book ‘Midnight at 6am [The Chronicles of M Morris] Volume Three,’ the third instalment in her trilogy about young Cairns battlers Monty and Millie.

The fictional story inspired by real-life events now takes the protagonists to New Zealand, where they experience a full range of eye-popping Kiwi adventures.

A lifelong world-traveller, Ms McInnes has packed the trilogy with scary, hilarious, implausible and amazing anecdotes gathered during her adventures, and this third instalment is no exception.

The self-published book with a cover design painted by Ms McInnes herself is available from Amazon.

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