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25 March, 2021

It's totally FAB in Douglas, let's keep it that way - Gazza's Goss

WELL, who’d a thought it… the cockney radio geezer doing stuff in the paper!........


Well, who’d a thought it… the cockney radio geezer doing stuff in the paper!........ and you still can’t beat a real newspaper, one you can physically hold, take to the dunny and potentially blemish over breakfast with your cappuccino or eggs benny.

So, what’s Gazza’s Goss? Basically, it’s about you…  local heroes, volunteers, leaders, mentors… those making FNQ tick.

Having said that, for this first edition, here’s a bit about me. I needed three pages for this but the Editor’s facial expressions indicated that wasn’t an option.

I’ve made every mistake there is to make in business, been a marathon runner and also somehow managed 36 years in radio, covering stations from the UK to NZ and OZ.

I’ve broadcast across the Cassowary Coast and Douglas Shire, plus fronted the Popular Gazza Challenge and this is how I know that you amazing people have some fabulous stories to share.

If like me, you’re not a great reader of books, well here’s a good reason to start. Amy Inglis, formerly from the Yarra Plenty Regional Library Service, is now the Douglas Shire Team Leader of Libraries and with her experience, passion and fresh vision, Amy’s developing exciting activities designed to lure newbies to the libraries in Mossman and Port Douglas.

Why not check out the ‘No-Fuss Book Chat’. Simply take along a book that matches the theme and join in the chat.  You can catch up with the crew, the first Tuesday of every month at the Mossman library. For all the budding master chef’s out there, the first theme is Cookbooks, at 10.30am on April 6th.

The thought that anyone would spoil our paradise, especially with illegal dumping, really rips my undies. Well now there’s a chance to dob them in with the Douglas Shire’s “If You See It, Report It” campaign.

Nearly 100 cases have been reported, since last July, in the Douglas Shire alone, including items like car bodies. Remember that Council has to spend YOUR money cleaning it up.

If you see a hand painted Hilux with half a million K’s on the clock, well that’s mine and it’s not dumped.

Well, that’s it for this week, but don’t forget, wherever you may be from the Douglas Shire to Cassowary Coast, I want to share your story.


For now though, it’s Gazza signing out.

You can catch up with Gazza each afternoon on 90.9 FAB FM in Port Douglas.

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