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26 August, 2020

How well do you know our region?

So we all live in Far North Queensland, and we reckon we are all locals, but how well do we actually know our region? Test yourself on these questions about the Tully region.

By Peter McCullagh

1/ The Tully Golden Gumboot is how many metres high?

 A.   6.9 metres

B.   7.9 metres

C.   8.9 metres

D.   9.9 metres


2/ Who was the Tully River named after?  

 A.   William Tully, Chief  Commissioner for Crown Lands  in QLD

B.   Lord Tully, 2nd Earl of Cardwell

C.   Edith Tully, pioneer of the area

D.   Robert Tully, a veteran of the Boar War in Africa


3/ Pacific Fasteners are located in a building formerly known as:

 A.   Tully Times Newspaper

B.   Plaza Picture Theatre

C.   Great Northern Hotel – Tully

D.   The Coachman’s Rest Hotel


4/ The Cardwell Shire Council Library building in Tully is known as:

 A.   Dorothy Jones Library

B.   Tully Library and Learning  Centre

C.   Cardwell and District Library

D.   Dorothy McKay Library


5/ When was Tully hit by Cyclone Yasi?

 A.   February 6, 2011

B.   February 5, 2011

C.   February 4, 2011

D.   February 3, 2011


6/ The Tully Sugar Mill became a growers Cooperative in?

 A.   1932

B.   1933

C.   1934

D.   1935


7/ The Tully Gorge is located how many kilometres from Tully?

 A.   22.2 km

B.   24.2km

C.   26.2km

D.   28.2km


8/ Mount Tyson summit is how many metres above sea level?

 A.   640 metres

B.   660 metres

C.   680 metres

D.   700 metres


9/ The World Rafting Championships were held in Tully during what period?

 A.   May 13 – 20, 2018

B.   May 13 – 20, 2019

C.   May 11 – 18, 2018

D.   May 11 – 18, 2019


10/ The Tully Township was first surveys in?

 A.   1873

B.   1883

C.   1893

D.   1903


11/ Prior to European settlement the area around Tully was home to?

 A.   Djirbalngan people

B.   Girramay people

C.   Girringun People

D.   A and B


12/ The Tully Hydro Power was first switched on in?

 A.   1955

B.   1956

C.   1957

D.   1958


13/ The main street of Tully is?

 A.   Butler Street

B.   Morris Street

C.   Bryant Street

D.   Richardson Street


14/ Name the animals in the iconic cane cutter statue on Butler Street

 A.   Dog

B.   Horse

C.   Dog and horse

D.   2 dogs and 1 horse


15/ The Hearts Full of Hope sculpture near the Golden Gumboot celebrates?

 A.   The Italian immigrants to the  region

B.   The Chinese immigrants to the region

C.   The community support after Cyclone Yasi

D.   The Italian and Chinese immigrants to the region


16/ Name the Tully Rugby League Team in the CDRL

 A.   Tully Wombats

B.   Tully Tigers

C.   Tully Lions

D.   Tully Kangaroos


17/ Which of the following players were Tully Tiger representatives?

 A.   Jake Clifford

B.   Peter Jones

C.   Thomas Flegler

D.   Keith Murdoch


18/ Tully falls in what Division in the Cassowary Coast?

 A.   Division 1

B.   Division 2

C.   Division 3

D.   Division 4


19/ The CCRC Councillor representing Tully currently is?

 A.   Teresa Millwood

B.   Rick Taylor

C.   Trudy Tschui

D.   Barry Barnes




1. (B) 7.9m, 2. (A)William Tully,  3. (B) Plaza Picture Theatre, 4. (A)Dorothy Jones Library, 5. (D) Feb 3, 2011, 6. (B) 1933, 7. (C) 26.2km, 8. (A) 640m, 9. (A) May 13-20 2018, 10. (B) 1883, 11. (D) A & B, 12. (C) 1957, 13. (A) Butler St, 14. (C) Dog & Horse, 15. (A) Italian immigrants, 16. (B) Tully Tigers, 17. (A,B & C), 18. (B) Div. 2, 19. (A) Teresa Millwood

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