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3 September, 2021

G’day Cobber, how’s it hangin?

G’DAY Tropicairnsians,

By Wayne Marshall

Strewth the bogans must have dropped their guts and left the dunnies to carry on like a pork chop about the way our drongo pollies are running this country like we’re playing for sheep stations.

Dead-set, it’s a dog’s breakfast how it seems we have all chucked a sickie and can’t be arsed if the economy carks it.

Nah yeah, we’re buggered as those dingo’s running the show have a few roo’s loose in the top paddock. 

This was a statement made to me at the markets on the weekend by an old codger, which got me thinking about the lost art of aussie slang and how the future generations do not seem to care about the hard yards done by their past genos.


So when ya get chance let’s see if we edumacate the kids by speaking more slang in front of them, here’s a few to get ya started:

Aussie Salute – Wave to scare the flies,

Beauty! – Great! Most often exclaimed as “You Beauty”,

Bloody oath – yes or its true. “You right mate? “Bloody Oath”,

Cobber – Very good friend. ‘Alright me ol’ cobber.

Dag – Someone who’s a bit of a nerd or geek.

Fair Dinkum - Honestly? … Yeah honestly! Perhaps the most Aussie of all expressions and a favorite with the pommies and septic tanks 

Goon bag– the best invention ever produced by mankind. Goon is a cheap silver bagged wine in a box.

Buckley’s Chance – little chance.

Flanno – flannelette shirt.

Larrikin – Someone who’s always up for a laugh, bit of a harmless prankster.

Shark biscuit – kids at the beach.

Sheila – A woman.

Woop Woop – middle of nowhere “he lives out woop woop”.

True Blue – Genuinely Australian.

Tucker – Food. ‘Bush Tucker’ tends to be food found in the Outback such as witchety grubs.

Can ya imagine the looks ya gonna get when speaking with slang around the precious ones, bloody priceless. Now I have done this many times at the big green box and the looks and expressions are fantastic as they shyly approach me asking what did I say?

Then out comes the phone as they search for the meanings for words in context to what I said.

Give it a go, if anything it will annoy the crap out of them.

Don’t forget your old man this Sunday as yes, its Father’s Day. Forget the socks and jocks, get him a gift card! And make sure it does not have an expiry date. 

But for me I will be giving my dad a call for he is in an oldie’s home in Vicoldia. Seeing how traveling interstate is a challenge these days, and the chance of being quarantined is far too high and he reckons all he needs is his bread and butter pudding, so he prefers me to just call to have a chat.

But crikey, not happy Jan over getting a pudding favored over me! See what cold weather does to ya.




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