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17 September, 2021

Frank sings from his heart in theatre chorus

FRANK Lanza might be better known in Cairns as a barrister, migration law specialist and north Queensland’s former honorary vice consul for Italy (1996-2013) but for those in the know, his life-long love of music and theatre has elevated him to the stage in the chorus of JUTE Theatre Company’s new work, La Bella Figura.

 La Bella Figura (translated as ‘the beautiful image’ but more loosely meaning ‘making a good impression’) is a new musical dramedy by second-generation, Italian-Aussies Frank Dangelico and Roz Pappalardo and local playwright Kathryn Ash.

 Slated for its premiere season commencing October 15, the production by JUTE Theatre Company explores how the Italian concept of ‘la bella figura’ has woven its often-hilarious magic into the lives and careers of second-generation Italians.

 Having spent his formative years in Italy, Frank knows all too well, the concept of ‘la bella figura’ which he describes as making a good impression in all circumstances.

 According to Frank, dressing for the occasion is referred to as ‘fare una bella figura’.

  “I remember my mother and father dressing up for every occasion.  In Rome, where I grew up, my father would never leave the house without a jacket or tie. It is still the same today.  Italian culture is very much dominated by fashion and being on the street is absolutely like being on a catwalk,” Mr Lanza said.

   This is one more local story being brought to the stage by JUTE Theatre Company, reflecting the diversity of our community on stage. Tickets are now on sale via

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