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19 March, 2021

FNQ - Super Quiz - how well do you know our region?

30 questions designed to challenge the very best

By Peter McCullagh

Q.1. The town of Innisfail used to be known as?

Q. 2. Name the current Mayor of the Cassowary Coast.

Q.3. Name the main street of Tully?

Q.4. Where would you find Buchan in North QLD?

Q.5. Name the highway connecting Cairns with Mossman.

Q.6. Who named the Mossman River?

Q.7. Name the AFL Cairns side based in Port Douglas.

Q.8. Name the naming rights sponsor of the Northern Pride.

Q.9.In what year did the hospital in Cairns change names from Cairns Base to Cairns Hospital?

Q.10. Name the resident estuarine crocodile at the Cairns Wildlife Dome.

Q.11. There is an independent radio station in Port Douglas, what is its name?

Q.12. A national radio announcer recently purchased a multi-million-dollar home in Port Douglas, who was it?

Q.13. Who is the current Mayor of the Douglas Shire Council?

Q.14. Name the Mareeba based rugby league team playing in the CDRL competition.

Q.15. What was the original name for the township of Mareeba?

Q.16. What special role did the Atherton Courthouse play during WWII?

Q.17. There is a special memorial in Fishery Falls south of Cairns. What does it commemorate?

Q.18. Name the sugar mill based in Gordonvale.

Q.19. How high is Walsh’s Pyramid in Gordonvale?

Q.20. Name the Navy Base in Cairns.

Q.21. There are WWII gun batteries built near Cairns. Can you name their location?

Q.22. Name the Freshwater Hotel publican who served as a member of the QLD Legislative Assembly.

Q.23. Name the mount that overlooks the Cairns Airport.

Q.24. Name the original commercial television station in Cairns. This station opened in 1966.

Q.25. What reef off Port Douglas was Steve Irwin diving on when he suffered a fatal stingray injury?

Q.26. Name the town that was attacked by the Japanese on July 31, 1942.

Q.27. Name the Port Adelaide and Essendon AFL player who originally played for the Cairns City Cobras?

Q.28. Innisfail has produced some amazing NRL players. Name the two players from Innisfail who played for the NQ Cowboys?

Q.29. 1999 The Cairns Taipans entered the NBL competition. Where did they finish that year?

Q.30. Who was Yorkey’s Knob named after?


1. Geraldton, 2. Cr Mark Nolan, 3. Butler Street, 4. Palm Cove, Buchan is a small town in the locality of Palm Cove, 5. Captain Cook Highway, 6. Explorer George Dalrymple in 1873, 7. Port Douglas Crocs, 8. Ken Frost Homes, 9. 2013, 10. Goliath, 11. FAB Fm , 12. Kyle Sandilands, 13. Michael Kerr, 14. Mareeba Gladiators, 15. Emerald End, 16. It was a wartime hospital for officers, 17. South Sea Islander Memorial, commemorating the 60,000 Kanakas who cut cane in the region, 18. Mulgrave Sugar Mill, 19. 922 metres, 20. HMAS Cairns 21. False Cape Battery Yarrabah, 22. Bunny Adair, 23. Mount Whitfield, 24. FNQ10 known as the Top of the Nation Station, 25. Batt Reef, 26. Mossman – 8 bombs were dropped by a Japanese long range flying boat, 27. Che Cockatoo Collins, 28. Ty Williams and Scott Bolton, 29. 11th place from 11 teams, 30. George Lawson, a Yorkshire born fisherman..

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