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1 July, 2021

Wayne’s World: First ever meeting of the I-CoC

G’DAY Tropicairnsians,

By Wayne Marshall

Whilsts having my weekend off and waddling  at a very leisurely pace around Rusty’s Markets, an idea ran into my empty space.

It was unusual to some extent, however it was a thought about fuelling this beast they call my stomach, so I guess it was not too unusual.

It was a deep and ground- breaking thought...‘I should treat myself to a tastelicious savoury waffle’.

So, while trying to make the hard decision as to what added flavours to order from the Belgian Waffle Hut I get a hand on my shoulder and a hot wet tongue in my ear.

Shock, horror, that tongue belongs to a stall holder called Greg who sells PNG stuff. I think the tongue in my ear was to get my attention, as well as jolt my focus firmly in his direction.

He needed my close attention for the following pearl of wisdom.

Imagine if we could throughout the entire world, television, radio, newspapers, internet and water-cooler chit chat, on one day, not speak, think or hear the word COVID.

Now those of us that have the pleasure of knowing Greg, will realise that it’s very unusual for him to come up with interesting thoughts.

So, upon reflection this is a very exciting proposition of no mention of COVID for 24 hours world-wide, this does have merit and huge consequences.

Could you imagine the hours of news programs that would have to be found?

We could have live telecast of people smiling at kind acts of others, ducks waddling down the street leading their young or cassowaries guiding their chicks across the Kuranda Range road.

Maybe we could see stories about older people teaching young’uns new skills like manners, or other life defining requirements or perhaps at a stretch, some drongo with a painted beard strolling around the city smiling, laughing and talking with
complete strangers.

It has been a long miserable 18 months since that bloody word invaded our existence causing many of us to go completely backwards with no immediate sign of getting better.

Until we all get the full vaccine shots and that word is neutralised, Greg, it pains me to finally agree with you, but world can we shut up about COVID for even just 24 hours.

Perhaps we need a new social and political force in the world today, I’CoCC, (International Citizens opposing COVID Conversations).

And Greg, please stop sticking ya tongue in my ear.

MMM love waffles.



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