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24 June, 2021

Wayne’s World: Esplanade for diners not cars!

G’DAY Tropicairnsians,

By Wayne Marshall

Have you taken the time to check out the $28 million newly revamped Cairns Esplanade? In the words of Molly Meldrum, do yourself a favour and head down for a gander as it is fan-bloody-tastic.

I had me a waddle around last Friday night, to find all the restaurant’s at nearly 100 per cent capacity and people were happily lining up to wait for tables to become vacant.

Kids were laughing and jumping on the huge, polished rocks while chasing each other on the new grassed area and there were even sets of timber sunlounges for people to relax on between the footpath and roadway.

Families were walking leisurely along the beautiful pebble paved and curved road as well as loved up couples stopping frequently for some tongue wrestling.

Standing over on the east side close to the lagoon looking towards the night markets, the lights on the new awnings were an amazing sight and the tourists must have so as well, with the number of photos being taken, and I truly believe they outnumbered selfies being taken.

When you walk toward the Night Markets take a good look at the vertical plant wall at the front entrance enhanced by coloured lights. The food court has been cleaned up and refreshed as well with new tabletops and seating and some of the shops have had a well-deserved makeover.

Take your time when walking through the night markets because even I was amazed at all the new stalls and products on offer.

Unfortunately we have a small issue. I truly believe this is not the best decision by our wise leaders of Cairns City Council.

They are going to leave that very expensive pebble paved curved road open 24/7 for vehicles to leave non-removable black stained tyre tracks, pollute the dining area with noise, fumes and hopefully only near misses to adults and kids from distracted drivers of vehicles and don’t forget the element of hoons this area will attract.

 When you realise how much money has been lost by the affected businesses over the months of works, and with all the rate payer’s money spent that was promised to make our esplanade one the most spectacular waterfronts you will ever see, but to only turn it into a stinking street, well in my opinion Cairns Council you’re a bunch of flaming Galahs.

Stand and speak up with me Tropicairnsians.



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