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25 June, 2021

Emotion, ecology, environment and ego on show in EXTINCTION

IT is often said that your life change in a heartbeat, in the latest Rondo Theatre production, Extinction, one character’s life changed due to a heartbeat.

By Peter McCullagh

PHOTO: Barton Photography

Extinction is an Australian play, written in 2013 by acclaimed playwright Hannie Rayson. Extinction tells the tale of four characters, a vet, zoologist, ecologist and a mining executive, interwoven together by an endangered tiger quoll.

Don’t be fooled by the notion this play is about three passionate conservationists pitted against a mining company executive wanting to destroy the habitat.

Extinction could never be that simplistic. Rayson has crafted a very mature and challenging play. This is a play about relationships interwoven with emotions, ecology, the environment and definitely ego, a recipe that makes Extinction so compelling.

 A wild, rainy night, a twist of fate and an endangered tiger quoll brings together a very passionate environmentalist and a most unlikely Good Samaritan.

Both are hell bent on saving the species, but what will be compromised in the quest to save the quoll? Nothing is as simple as it seems, nothing is black and white.

Extinction is the latest offering directed by Cairns’ theatre icon Cath Willacy. It is billed as an intriguing play about conservation, love, sex, money and power.

Opening Friday July 8 for eight performances, the play is rated MA15+ and children under 15 will not be permitted to attend the production.



Rondo Theatre Cairns

July 2–10 (8 performances)


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