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19 February, 2021

Wayne's World: Don't worry be happy

Wayne’s World - Feb 19, 2021

By Wayne Marshall

IT has been said that money cannot buy happiness, alright this could be true, but for this crazy old multi-coloured fool it certainly can dull the pain of sadness.

For a very long time I used to have a FIFO lifestyle that allowed me to see a great deal of Straya working a good paying career in and out of the mines as a qualified tradie. Living in remote camps with all the trimmings such as wet mess, gyms, pools and all the tucker you could eat and all sorts of other activities stopped you thinking about home and the family you miss so much but it was the money we were all chasing that made it worth-while.

While this allowed a very comfortable family life style it did create a bevy of other problems such as a one parent maintaining the home on a long term basis which like it or not, does cause tensions in the relationship because it is at times seen that you have no problems when away on site, enjoying your mates

Now I did learn how to relax from the long hours and tense work conditions such as I picked up a cheap set of golf clubs and taught myself how to swear at golf balls, I also conned my way into a speedway tower to become an announcer in W.A. and N.T. a skill that was paid for in beers, and you can get bloody thirsty calling racing in dusty conditions.

But what exactly is happiness anyway? Is it a car, a house or a big screen TV?  Buying a new car feels great at first.  But months and years later, it’ll just be a car. The bright, shiny, newness   eventually wears off and then you’re back to where you started. Or you’ll want more.

We probably don’t need a dictionary definition of happiness, right?  It’s a feeling.  If someone asks you if you’re happy, you usually can give them an answer right away.  We often use “happiness” to describe a range of positive emotions, including joy, pride, contentment, and gratitude.

What are the reasons why money can’t buy happiness, or at least more happiness above that baseline threshold?

True, authentic, genuine happiness is about relationships, self-development and experiences.  Look at the proven ways to increase happiness.  How many of these involve buying material things?

For the majority, happiness is contentment.  Content with what you do have in your life.  Not focused on the things that you don’t have.

For me happiness is chatting to people and discussing projects they are wanting to build, but out of the big green box, I love to put on a colourful shirt, shorts, hat, paint my beard and walk around smiling with other fantastic Tropicairnians, and really how can you not be happy living in the tropics as we all should be smiling like a quokka, as it is free.


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