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30 July, 2021

Discover the paradise where you live

It is often said, as a local we never see the place we live in the same way as a visitor does. Perhaps it’s because we are more focussed on our day-to-day and we have not taken the time to look around and enjoy the paradise we call home.

By Berta Perez-Bermudez Candela

Beautiful Milla Milla Falls

We are indeed blessed to live in Cairns. People plan for the holiday of their lifetime right here, where we live.

To fully appreciate the beauty of our region, you do not have to travel far from Cairns. Recently I visited one of the most stunning places on the Tablelands, it was the perfect day-trip getaway.

Two great experiences just kilometres apart and well worth the short drive.

Mamu Skywalk and Milla Milla Falls, where you will experience the wonderous beauty of nature, plus you can have a relaxed and refreshing swim without the fear of crocodiles.

From Cairns to Milla Milla is about 100 kilometres and then a further 27 kilometres to Mamu Skywalk. It took us approximately two hours to drive with an early start to make the most of the day.

We decided to head to the Skywalk first. We called in at Nucifora Tea on the way, just a short distance from the Skywalk. A stunning tea plantation, with lush rolling rolls and some of the finest Australian Black Tea on offer.

Close by and well worth visiting you will find Zillie Falls, but our focus was firmly on Milla Milla Falls that day.

The Mamu Tropical Skywalk was sensational. You were part of the rainforest. The elevated walkway rises to a height of 15 metres allowing you to see the rainforest floor as the animals do.

The high point, in more ways than one, is the cantilever platform. 40 metres long with an observation tower perched 37 metres above the ground. Stunning scenery and a picture postcard experience.

There is also a rainforest walk of approximately 2.5 kilometres taking us about one and a half hours with an easy going pace on flat ground.

After the stunning rainforest scenery, we headed to Milla Milla Falls for a picnic, swim and unwind.  I am told some lucky visitors have spied a platypus or two in the waterhole.

Milla Milla Falls are one of the most photographed waterfalls in Australia. Although a little less than 20 metres high the falls are still spectacular.

The falls cascade perfectly into the swimming hole below them. It was a perfect setting for lunch and a totally refreshing swim.

The reef, beach, rainforest and wilderness, we have it all here in Far North Queensland.

We are blessed to live in such a magical part of the world, surrounded by nature, beauty and an abundance of experiences.

It was a short drive, a very full day, but it gave me an experience I will remember  forever.

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