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5 June, 2021

Cooking up a storm at CPAC

Margaret Fulton the Musical is coming to Cairns, a recipe that is sure to delight audiences.

By Peter McCullagh

Recognised as Australia’s first true celebrity chef, Margaret Fulton graced the covers of women’s magazines plus proved to be a top selling author for decades.

 Identified in 2009 as one of the 25 Australians who have most changed the nation, Margaret Fulton was Australia’s first domestic goddess.  She sliced and diced her way into our collective consciousness, directly influencing the way a generation of Australian women approached their meals. 

 With her inimitable style and enthusiasm, she infiltrated our lives through her advocacy that we too could become as varied and delicious as anything conceived in the kitchen. 

 The Margaret Fulton Cookbook, inclusive of hundreds of recipes, step-by step instructions with full-colour pictures, was a huge success, leading to her television debut where she regularly entered our homes to show a generation of women how to prepare delicious, economical dishes for family and friends. 

Margaret's book sold over 1.5 Million copies. 

Awarded an Order of Australia in 1983, in recognition of her services to cookery, Margaret was named an Australian Living National Treasure in 2006 by the National Trust.

Put this all in the blender, add music, turn it on high and you have MARGARET FULTON – THE MUSICAL! 

 Writer Doug Macleod (Dogstar, The Clockwork Forest, Fast Forward, Full Frontal) and composer Yuri Worontschak (Eric Bana’s Love The Beast, Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell) were convinced that this culinary icon deserved her own musical and so teamed-up to put Fulton’s life and creative recipes to the stage.

 Based on her best-selling autobiography, ‘I Sang For My Supper’, this entertaining original and delightful musical tribute follows Margaret’s journey from humble beginnings to super-stardom.

 The role of Margaret will be played by acclaimed actress and singer Judy Hainsworth, with support cast including the accomplished Zoë Harlen, Paige McKay, Jessica-Kate Ryan, Conor Ensor and Clancy Enchelmaier. 

 Margaret Fulton - The Musical is simply a recipe for success.


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