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9 July, 2021

Colourful chooks guaranteed to ‘egg-cite’ the kids

ORGANISING 360 chickens into pens and looking after up to 30 exhibitors in the Poultry section of the Cairns Show might sound like a big task, but it’s something Kirk Triantafyllou loves.

By David Gardiner

Seeing the wide-eyed looks on the faces of kids who come to visit the huge range of chook varieties, makes Mr Triantafyllou feel pleased with his work.

“Right from seeing the eggs hatch, to nurturing the chickens through, then showing them and having ribbons and awards at a show and seeing the looks on kids’ faces when they see what is possible, is very rewarding,” Mr Triantafyllou said.

Having just finished an exhibition at the Innisfail Show, he is eager to oversee the Poultry section at this year’s Cairns Show, especially since last year’s event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Some of the popular and colourful chooks on display will be the Australorp, Minorca, Rhode Island Red, Old English Game varieties, and a favourite for its “cute” looks, the Silkie.

Exhibitors from as far away as Proserpine and the Tablelands will also be full of enthusiasm and pride to show their flocks, with an increase in the number of pens at the Show this year. “After the gap of a year, everyone is keen to be back and show their best specimens to the public.”

The Cairns Show commences this Wednesday July 14 and continues until Friday July 16.

Full details are available on their website,

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