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9 July, 2021

Cold-blooded fun at the ‘Radical Reptiles’ show

FEEL like being enthralled by some of the world’s deadliest snakes? Get along to the Cairns Show and check out the ‘Radical Reptiles’ exhibition.

By David Gardiner

Species like the Inland Taipan (the World’s most venomous snake), Death Adder, King Brown, Spotted Black and Eastern Brown are all part of the show run by RESTA, a popular reptile entertainment and education display with 15 years’ show experience.

Spectators can learn about different Australian species in the venomous snake pit, with several shows during the day, set not only to captivate audiences, but also adjust attitudes about the reptiles.

“We’re changing people’s attitudes away from the old ‘the only good snake is a dead snake’, to more about seeing them as a valid part of our ecosystems and that they help us by keeping pest numbers down,” said RESTA’s Wendy Williams. “People are always amazed at how similar two of Australia’s more feared snakes appear - the Coastal Taipan and the Eastern Brown.” 

There’ll also a range of other reptiles on display such as favourite (and pet) ‘Georgia’ the Lace Monitor who, according to Wendy’s partner David Williams, “likes kisses and cuddles.”

RESTA’s mini-zoo has a minimum of eight non-venomous reptiles on display, including a Central Bearded Dragon, Eastern Long-Neck Turtle, pythons, and a baby saltwater croc. When not at the Cairns Show, they also do workshops for schools, kindergartens and day care, and do training for industry. Last year, RESTA started producing and selling a range of fresh reptile food, including a sausage to feed pet snakes!

The Radical Reptiles Exhibition can be found in the Heritage Area at Cairns Show, from gates open until around 5pm each day.

The Cairns Show commences this Wednesday July 14 and continues until Friday July 16.

Full details are available on their website,

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