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3 June, 2021

Cheers to the bats!

DID you know, without bats there would be no tequila?

By Tanya Murphy

Bats are the sole pollinators of the agave plant, from which the popular liquor is made.

Have you ever wondered why the Bacardi rum logo is a bat?

Bats are also one of the main pollinators of sugar cane, from which rum is made – and that’s not even to begin on the list of fruits that bats are responsible for pollinating and dispersing!

This month, you can discover why you should thank a bat as you drink delicious concoctions made from these ingredients by following the ‘Flying Fox Cocktail Trail.”

Sixteen bars in Cairns and Kuranda are serving special ‘Flying Fox Cocktails’ (and mocktails) from June 4 to 18 in aid of the Bats and Trees Society of Cairns (BatSoc).

Great prizes are on offer so simply register on Eventbrite to pick up a map of the trail, then get a cocktail in each bar to get your passport stamped and enter the draw!

The cocktail trail ties in with the Cairns Bat Festival, to be held on June 12 at Wharf One Café, Cairns, from 5-8pm. All funds raised assist BatSoc with rescuing and caring for bats.

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