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5 November, 2021

Cairns Travelling Film Festival Opens This Weekend

Despite the many challenges faced in 2021, Cairns Central Cinema is proud to open the muchloved Travelling Film Festival this Friday night November 5, with the funny yet poignant Limbo.

“Despite all odds, we are thrilled to return to Cairns this year with a brand new slate of films direct from the Sydney Film Festival 2021. We are committed to delivering an in-cinema festival safely and one that audiences will truly enjoy and experience together all through the festival weekend.” said Travelling Film Festival Manager, Sanam Rodrigues. 

Limbo is a comedy about a group of refugees stuck on a remote Scottish island, and it received five BAFTA (British Academy Awards) nominations. Other screenings include the Iranian film, A Hero, the winner of the Grand Prix at the 2021 Cairns Film Festival. 

The Sydney Film Festival began its touring program in 1974 and is now the longest consistently touring festival of film in Australia. Over the last forty plus years, the Travelling Film Festival has visited around 70 towns in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

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