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12 March, 2021

Cairns Super Quiz. How well do you know Cairns?

30 great questions to challenge any North Queenslander.

By Peter McCullagh

30 Questions all about Cairns

Q 1. Bob Manning is the current mayor of Cairns, name the mayor he replaced in 2012? Val Schier
Q 2. In 2011 Cairns was threatened by a tropical cyclone, name that cyclone. Cyclone Yasi
Q3. In what year was Cairns founded? 1876
Q 4. The township of Cairns was named after…? Sir William Wellington Cairns, the Governor of Queensland 1875 – 1877
Q 5. The Cairns International Airport opened in what year? 1984
Q 6. What is the length of the main runway at the Cairns Airport? 3156 metres, 3256 metres, 4156 metres or 4256 metres long? 3156 metres long
Q 7. The Northern Pride won the NRL State Championship in which year? 2014
Q 8. Name the team they defeated to win the title? Penrith Panthers
Q 9. Name the department store that was based in what is now known as the Boland Centre? David Jones,
Q 10. In what year did the Cairns Kuranda railway open? 1891
Q 11. Name the first commercial radio station to be established in Cairns in 1936. 4CA
Q12. Name the water reservoir supplying water to the City of Cairns? Copperlode Dam
Q 13. In what year did it commence supply? 1976
Q 14. Name the cableway tourism venture linking Smithfield to Kuranda? Skyrail
Q 15. When did it open? August 31, 1995
Q 16. Name the public swimming pool located on Sheridan Street North Cairns? Tobruk Memorial Pool
Q 17. Public electricity supply was switched on in Cairns in what year? 1925
Q 18. Cairns was officially proclaimed a city when? October 12, 1923
Q 19. Name the mountain range to the west of Gordonvale? Gillies Range
Q 20. Who was the range named after? William N Gillies (Former Premier of QLD)
Q 21. How many corners are there on the Gillies Range Road? 263, 236, 326, 362 263 corners
Q 22. Name the highway linking Cairns to Brisbane? The Bruce Highway
Q 23. Name the train that replaced the Sunlander running from Cairns to Brisbane. Spirit of Queensland
Q 24.Who are the traditional owners of Cairns? The Gimuy-walubarra yidi are the traditional custodians of the Cairns and surrounding district
Q 25. How did the Cairns suburb of Manunda derive it’s name? Manunda was named after the TSMV Manunda
Q 26. Name the cemetery located on McLeod Street. Mcleod Street Pioneer Cemerery
Q 27. Name the QLD Premier serving from 1925 – 1929? William McCormack
Q 28. What political party did he represent? Labor
Q 29. Name the four labor members currently representing Cairns, Mulgrave, Barron River and Cook electorates? Michael Healy, Curtis Pitt, Craig Crawford and Cynthia Lui
Q 30. Trinity Inlet in Cairns runs into what creek? Chinaman Creek

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