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18 June, 2021

Cairns Local News Super Quiz June 18

Calling all the pub-quiz champions, how many can you get right?

By Peter McCullagh

1.       Where in the world would you find Nelson’s Column?

2.       Valentine Holmes plays for which NRL team?

3.       You will find the Mount Field ski fields in which Australian State?

4.       Mount Buggery is a town in which Australian mainland state?

5.       Name the capital city of Argentina?

6.       If you were landing at Changi International Airport, what country would you be in?

7.       A Rusty Nail cocktail has two main ingredients, name them?

8.       Name the 6 competition apparatus used in Men’s Gymnastics.

9.       What are the two disciplines in Olympic Weightlifting?

10.   Name the coach for the Broncos NRL side?

11.   Where were the 1972 Olympic Games held?

12.   Name the current WTA number 1.

13.   Three women’s tennis players have held the number 1 ranking for 300 plus weeks, name them.

14.   True or False, Australian John O’Sullivan and the CSIRO invented wi-fi.

15.   What is the colour of a Black Box Flight Recorder?

16.   The Australian aircraft company QANTAS was founded in which Queensland town?

17.   What does the letters of Qantas stand for?

18.   “Now is the winter of our discontent” is a line from which Shakespeare play?

19.   What was the middle name of ex-Prime Minister Julia Gillard?

20.   Name the river that serves as a natural border between NSW and Victoria.

21.   Name the Australian Federal Treasurer.

22.   Who was the 30th Prime Minister of Australia?

23.   True or False, the Sydney Opera House is a World Heritage listed site.

24.   Name the current leader of the Australian Greens.

25.   Name the breakfast radio team on Star 102.7FM Cairns.

26.   What is the chemical symbol for lead?

27.   Name the 3 nephews of Donald Duck.

28.   Who directed the movie Australia?

29.   Australia officially became a nation at Federation. What date was Federation?

30.   Lord Howe Island is officially under the jurisdiction of which Australian state of Territory?


1. Trafalgar Square in London, 2. NQ Cowboys, 3. Tasmania, 4. Victoria, 5. Buenos Aires, 6. Singapore, 7. Whiskey and Drambuie, 8. Floor, Vault, Pommel Horse, Rings, Parallel Bars and High Bar, 9. Snatch and Clean and Jerk, 10. Kevin Walters, 11. Munich, 12. Ash Barty, 13. Steffi Graff 377, Martina Navratilova 322, Serena Williams 319, 14. True in 1992, 15. Orange,  16. Winton, 17. Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service, 18. Richard III, 19. Eileen, 20. The Murray River,  21.  Josh Frydenberg, 22. Scott Morrison, 23. True it was added in 2005, 24. Adam Brandt, 25. Dave and Inkie,  26.  Pb, 27. Huey, Dewey and Louie, 28. Baz Luhrmann, 29. January 1, 1901, 30. New South Wales.

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