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11 June, 2021

Cairns Local News Super Quiz. General Knowledge

By Peter McCullagh

1.    What did ‘Old Dame Dob’ patch Jack’s head with, in the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill?

2.    In the novel Gulliver’s Travels, name the fictional land in which it is set?

3.    What is so unique about the opal-mining town of Coober Pedy?

4.    What is provolone?

5.    What animal was the 1978 movie Watership Down about?

6.    How many Olympic medals did Kieren Perkins win?

7.    Name the musician who played double bass for the Seekers?

8.    Name the horse racecourse located in Cairns?

9.    Jeff Bezos founded a major eCommerce website, name that website.

10. Todd Payton is the coach of which NRL team?

11. For which movie did Russell Crowe win his oscar?

12. Where in Australia would you find the Stockman’s Hall of Fame?

13. The Melbourne Cup is run over what distance?

14. If you suffer from cynophobia you suffer from a fear of…?

15. Who named the Pacific Ocean?

16. What animal can be seen on a Porsche logo?

17. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?

18. What is the common name for a dried plum?

19. What is the name given to Indian food cooked over charcoal in a clay oven?

20. Name the only edible food that will never go bad?

21. Name the seven dwarfs?

22. Havana is the capital of which country?

23. How many hearts does an octopus have?

24. What is the gestation period for an elephant?

25. In what year was the first iPhone released?

26. What is the chemical symbol for potassium?

27. Which company owns Bugatti, Lamborghini. Audi, Porsche, and Ducati?

28. What is the primary ingredient of hummus?

29. Which bone is a baby born without?

30. The book ‘Da Vinci Code’ was written by who?




1. With vinegar and brown paper, 2. Lillipup, 3. It boasts a large number of underground residences, 4. An Italian soft-smoked cheese, 5. A rabbit called Fiver, 6. Four, 7. Athol Guy, 8. Cannon Park, 9. Amazon, 10. NQ Cowboys, 11. Gladiator, 12. Longreach, 13. 3200 metres, 14. Dogs, 15. Ferdinand Magellan,  16. Horse, 17. Marie Curie, 18. A prune, 19. Tandoori, 20. Honey,  21.  Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy and Sleepy, 22. Cuba, 23. Three, 24. 22 months, 25. 2007,  26.  K, 27. Volkswagen, 28. Chickpea, 29. The kneecap, 30. Dan Brown.


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