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13 August, 2021

Cairns Local News Super Quiz – August 13-2021

How up to date are you with general knowledge? Test yourself with the Cairns Local News Super Quiz

By Peter McCullagh

  1. Complete the title of this Savage Garden song, ‘Truly, Madly….?’
  2. A nocturne is usually played on what musical instrument?
  3. A thermophobic avoids high levels of what?
  4. In the game Monopoly, what land vehicle is a playing token?
  5. In the title of novels, what number links Men In A Boat and Musketeers?
  6. ‘Flammable air’ was an early name for which gas?
  7. Dump, floater and wipe are terms used in which sport?
  8. According to Tolstoy, Napoleon would tug on what part of a person’s body if they were in his favour?
  9. Which organ in the body acts as a filter for your blood, cleaning it of bacteria and viruses?
  10. Traditionally, sailors would get a tattoo of what bird after travelling over 5,000 nautical miles?
  11. According to the first line of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, a “single man in possession of a good fortune” is in want of what?
  12. What is the word given to the pleasant earthy smell after rain?
  13. Elvis Presley passed away August 16, in what year?
  14. One mile is how many metres?
  15. If you were paying for your meal using riel, what country would you be in?
  16. Australian actor Leo McKern appeared in what English Courtroom drama?
  17. John Cornell will be best known as Strop from the Paul Hogan Show; however, he was instrumental in the establishment of what sporting event?
  18. How many gold medals did Australia win at the recent Tokyo Olympic Games?
  19. Name the events contested in the Women’s Outdoor Heptathlon?
  20. Who is Queensland’s Chief Health Officer?
  21. Campbell Newman announced recently he would run for the senate representing which political party?
  22. In the movie the Wizard of Oz, the scarecrow lacked what?
  23. Name Dorothy’s dog in the movie.
  24. Rosana was a huge hit in 1982 for which band?
  25. The handheld gaming device, Game Boy was manufactured by which company?
  26. In golf, if you complete a Par 5 in 2 strokes you have scored a?
  27. Traditionally the small white ball used in bowls is called the Kitty or …?
  28. Name the Rugby Union series played annually between Australia and New Zealand?
  29. Who is the cup named after?
  30. If you blanch in cooking, you are doing what?


  1. Deeply
  2. Piano
  3. Heat
  4. Car
  5. Three
  6. Hydrogen
  7. Volleyball
  8. His ear
  9. Spleen
  10. Swallow
  11. A wife
  12. Petrichor
  13. 1977
  14. 1609.34 metres
  15. Cambodia
  16. Rumpole of the Bailey
  17. World Series Cricket
  18. 17
  19. 100 metres hurdles, High Jump, Shot Put, 200 Metres, Long Jump, Javelin Throw and 800 metres
  20. Dr Jeannette Young
  21. Liberal Democrats
  22. A brain
  23. Toto
  24. Toto
  25. Nintendo
  26. Albatross
  27. The Jack
  28. The Bledisloe Cup
  29. NZ Governor-General Lord Bledisloe
  30. Scalding vegetables in boiling water for a brief amount of time

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