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24 September, 2021

Cairns Local News: Super Quiz 24 September 2021

Thirty general knowledge questions, how many will you get right.

By Peter McCullagh

1.       Where is the oldest surf life saving club in the world?

2.       What mixed drink contains whiskey and Drambuie?

3.       What is the world’s deepest ocean?

4.       In what Australian state would you find the West Tamar wine region?

5.       The character Phillis Fogg appears in what Jules Verne novel?

6.       Philippine President Imelda Marcus was famous for her collection of what fashion item?

7.       Who is the host of Survivor Australia?

8.       Rowan Aitkinson create a bumbling character in a TV series in addition to several movies. What was the character?

9.       Newcastle in Australia is located at the mouth of which river?                     

10.   What is the only country in South America to have English as their official language?

11.   Who wrote the Australian classic novel The Shiralee?

12.   What is the capital of New Caledonia?

13.   What Australian political party does Sarah Hanson-Young represent?

14.   Name the Three Tenors.

15.   A tadpole is the larval stage of what animal?

16.   Who played James Bond in the movie, The Spy Who Loved Me?

17.   What animal is associated with behavioural scientist Ivan Pavlov?

18.   Name the swimmer who first broke the 15-minute barrier for the 1500 metres freestyle.

19.   In what year was Newcastle rocked by an earthquake killing 13 people?

20.   Where in Queensland would you go to view the Carnival of Flowers?

21.   What is the only Tennis Grand Slam to take place in the Southern Hemisphere?

22.   Name the four Tennis tournaments comprising the Grand Slam Series.

23.   Who starred opposite Hugh Grant in the rom-com Notting Hill?

24.   Name the South Australian premier famous for his safari suits.

25.   Orchestras typically tune to an ‘A’ note played on what instrument?

26.   How many wheels does a quad bike have?

27.   If you gave someone a knuckle sandwich, what would you be doing?

28.   Who played Ted Bullpitt in Kingswood Country?

29.   Name the Irish comedian, creator of the Mrs Brown character.

30.   What large marine mammal is sometimes referred to as a sea cow?




1. Bondi Beach, 2. Rusty Nail, 3. Pacific Ocean, 4. Tasmania, 5. Around the World in 80 Days, 6. Shoes, 7. Jonathon LaPaglia, 8. Mr Bean, 9. Hunter River, 10. Belize, 11. D’Arcy Niland, 12. Noumea, 13. The Australian Greens, 14. Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, 15. The frog and toad,  16. Roger Moore, 17. Dogs, 18. Vladimir Salnikov, 19. 1989, 20. Toowoomba,  21.  The Australian Open, 22. Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon, 23. Julia Roberts, 24. Don Dunstan, 25. Oboe, 26.  Four, 27. Punching them, 28. Ross Higgins, 29. Brendan O’Carroll, 30. Manatee.


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