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15 May, 2021

Cairns Local News: Super Quiz

How well do you know your capital cities?

By Peter McCullagh

Port Vila is the capital of which Pacific Island nation?
25-30 Genius - Go to the top of the class. You will never get lost
20-24 A total standout – I think you know your way around
15-19 Above average - Well done, can navigate from point A to B
10-14 Average – You are doing well
5-9 Below average – No the capital of France is not “F”
0-4 Stumbling blindly in the dark - Geographically challenged.
  1. The capital city of the United States is a. New York, b. Washington, c. Washington D.C, d. Boston?
  2. Male is the capital of which country located in the Indian Ocean?
  3. Which Pacific nation has Suva as its capital?
  4. Beijing is the capital of China, prior to the 1950s what was the original name for Beijing?
  5. Name the capital city of Canada.
  6. Jakarta is the capital of which Asian nation?
  7. Name the Asian capital located on the banks of the Red River.
  8. The Vatican City is classified as a sovereign nation, name its capital?
  9. Name the capital of the Pacific island nation, Vanuatu.
  10. This capital city is the home of the Acropolis, name that capital city.
  11. Calcutta used to be the capital of India, name the current capital.
  12. Port Moresby is the capital of which island neighbour?
  13. Name the capital of Argentina.
  14. True or False. Casablanca is the capital city of Morocco.
  15. Name the capital of Wales.
  16. Israel and Palestine share a capital city, name that capital.
  17. Harry Houdini and Zsa Zsa Gabor were both born in this European capital city. Can you name the city and the country?
  18. True or False. Belfast is the capital of Ireland?
  19. Jamaica’s capital is Kingston, true or false.
  20. Name the capital of the tiny nation of Luxembourg.
  21. Lima is the capital of which South American country?
  22. Over time, there has been three major capital cities for Japan. Tokyo, Nara and which other city?
  23. Prince Albert II rules this nation, can you name its capital city.
  24. Valletta is the capital of which Mediterranean island nation?
  25. Name the capital of Norway?
  26. Panama in South America is the home of the Panama Canal. Name its capital.
  27. Auckland is the capital of New Zealand, true of false.
  28. Name the capital of Nepal.
  29. Name the capital of Thailand.
  30. Kampala is the capital of which African nation?


1. Washington D.C, 2. Maldives, 3. Fiji, 4. Peking, 5. Ottawa, 6. Indonesia, 7. Hanoi, Capital of Vietnam, 8. Vatican City, 9. Port Vila, 10. Athens, Greece, 11. New Delhi, 12. Papua New Guinea, 13. Buenos Aires, 14. False Rabat is the capital, 15. Cardiff,  16. Jerusalem, 17. Budapest, Hungary, 18. False, Dublin, Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, 19. True, 20. Luxembourg, 21. Peru, 22. Kyoto (Heian-Kyo), 23. Monaco is the capital of Monaco, 24. Malta, 25. Oslo,  26.  Panama City, 27. False Wellington, 28. Kathmandu, 29. Bangkok, 30. Uganda.

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