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17 September, 2021

Cairns Local News – Star Trek Super Quiz

OK Trekkies, how well do you know your Star Trek trivia, here’s 30 questions to test your knowledge.

By Peter McCullagh

1.      What type of alien species was the father of Spock?

2.      What is the name of the equipment used on Star Trek when someone is ‘beamed up’?

3.      In the original television series of Star Trek, what was the name of the Starship?

4.      What was Sulu’s primary position on the USS Enterprise?

5.      In Star Trek, which species was the first to discover warp drive?

6.      Who served as communications officer in the final episode of Star Trek: The Original Series?

7.      What was Lieutenant Uhura’s first name?

8.      What ship was Sulu assigned to when he was promoted to captain?

9.      What character dies in the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise?

10.  What weapon did Kirk and Spock use when they fought for possession of T’Pring during Spock’s Pon farr ritual in ‘Amok Time’?

11.  Which character serves as the head of security for the space station Deep Space Nine?

12.  What type of fish does Captain Picard keep in his ready room?

13.  Who was originally offered the role of Spock before Leonard Nimoy?

14.  What kind of pet does Captain Archer have on Enterprise?

15.  Who was the youngest captain in Starfleet history?

16.  What was the first ship that James T Kirk served on?

17.  What was Captain Kirk’s middle name?

18.  Who is the Chief Medical Officer of Deep Space Nine?

19.  Who served as ship’s cook aboard Voyager?        

20.  Whose cover version of ‘Lucy in the Sky with Daimonds’ voted worst massacre of a Beatles song ever in May 2003?

21.  In Klingon mythology, what monster guards the gates of Gre’thor?

22.  What grounded Starfleet vessel does Scotty discover on the planet Altamid in Star Trek Beyond?

23.  What Star Trek character answers to the nickname ‘Bones’?

24.  What did McCoy give Kirk for his birthday in The Wrath of Khan?

25.  What did the USS Enterprise have on Deck 21?

26.  Which Star Trek series did Stephen Hawking guest star on?

27.  What is the fastest warp the Enterprise has reached in an Star Trek series?

28.  What city was Spock born in?

29.  Who was the only actor to appear in all 80 episodes of the original Star Trek series?

30.  What was wrong with the inhabitants of Gamma Vertis IV?




1. Vulcan, 2. Transporter, 3. Enterprise, 4. Helmsman, 5. Vulcans, 6. LT. Lisa, 7. Nyota, 8. USS Excelsior, 9. Charles ‘Trip’ Tucker III, 10. Lirpa, 11. Odo, 12. A Lionfish, 13. Martin Landau, 14. Dog, 15. James T Kirk,  16. USS Farragut, 17. Tiberius, 18. Dr Julian Subatoi Bashir, 19. Neelix, 20. William Shatner,  21.  Fek’lhr, 22. USS Franklin, 23. Leonard McCoy, 24. Reading glasses, 25. A giant bowling alley, 26.  Star Trek: The Next Generation, 27. Warp 14.1, 28. Shi’Kahr, 29. Leonard Nimoy, 30. They were mute.

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