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15 July, 2021

Super Quiz Cairns Local News - July 16

Calling all pub quiz fanatics, how do you go with the Super Quiz.

By Peter McCullagh

In what year was the first ever Wimbledon Championships held?

Who was crowned Women’s Singles Champion 2021?

In what year did Evonne Goolagong win her first Wimbledon Singles title?

How many titles did Evonne Goolagong win at Wimbledon?

How many Grand Slam titles did Goolagong win during her career?

How many Grand Slam titles has Ash Barty won in her career?

Where was State of Origin 3 be played this year?

Who were the first climbers to summit Mount Everest without the use of oxygen?

What is the official currency of Thailand?

On what street in Hobart would you find their CBD shopping mall?

Who hosts The Late Late Show in America?

Name the television series he co-wrote and starred in with Ruth Jones.

Who composed the Peer Gynt Suite?

In which Australian state or territory would you find Bruny Island?

What is the more common name for aubergine?

Boggo Road Gaol was located in which Australian city?

Where was Ned Kelly’s last stand?

Name the Kelly Gang members.

Where would you have to be standing to be on the most eastern point of Australia?

The Gulflander train travels between which two Queensland towns?

How long is the Cardwell Jetty?

The Barron Falls combines a total of 4 drops, what is the total height of the falls?

Where would you find the Pioneer Cemetery in Cairns?

In what year did Sydney Hugh Turner establish his Cairns electrical store, now known as Turners Home Appliances?

Maryborough in Queensland is built on which river?

Who defeated England in a penalty shootout to win Euro 2020?

Where was the final for Euro 2020 played?

By what name is the New Zealand Rugby League team known?

Where will the 2021 Rugby League World Cup be held this year?

Two teams will make their World Cup debut, name those teams?



1. 1877, 2. Ash Barty, 3. 1970, 4. Two. 1971 and 1980, 5. Seven, 4 x Aust Open, 1 x French Open, 2 x Wimbledon., 6. Three, French Open 2019, Wimbledon 2021, US Open Doubles 2018, 7. Gold Coast, 8. Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler 1978, 9. Thai Baht, 10. Elizabeth St, 11. James Corban, 12. Gavin and Stacey, 13. Edward Grieg, 14. Tasmania, 15. Eggplant,  16. Brisbane, 17. Glenrowan Victoria, 18. Ned Kelly, Joe Byne, Dan Kelly and Steve Hart, 19. Cape Byron, NSW, 20. Normanton and Croydonu,  21.  600 feet or 183 metres, 22. 125 metres, 23. McLeod Street., 24. 1936, 25. The Mary River,  26.  Italy, 27. Wembley Stadium England, 28. The Kiwis, 29. England, 30. Jamaica and Greece.


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