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12 November, 2021

Brilliant Opening Night

The Rondo’s latest production is a riveting family drama set in suburban Adelaide.

By Paul Hynes

Image: Paul Barton

The ominous opening scene tells us something bad has happened – it’s the middle of the night and Bob Price (played with power by Brett Neale) gets a phone call. Is one of his four kids hurt – or worse? 

Over the course of a year, we learn about the crises faced by each of the four grown-up kids, and how Bob and his career-nurse wife (a tour de force by Sarah Speller) deal with them. Their eldest Pip (a wonderful performance by seasoned actor Kimberley Greaves) is about to leave her husband and kids. Mark (sensitively portrayed by Patrick Mays) reveals a life-changing decision. 

Ben (Bailey Stevenson lights-up the stage with his energy) is about to land himself in big trouble. On top of all this, the youngest Rosie (played with depth and humour by Morgan Elliston) decides to leave the family nest. 

The tension builds until the final riveting scene, a dramatic ending that will leave audiences speechless. 

This is a dynamic piece of theatre performed so well by this fine cast. The set is minimal but effective and the haunting music enhances the varying moods from scene to scene. Things I Know To Be True is highly recommended – it opens on Friday 12 November for a limited 8 show season.

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