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23 April, 2021

Brassed Off: a musical love story

A MUSICAL and theatrical marriage that will delight, entertain and definitely prove to be a match made in Grimley.

By Peter McCullagh

Residents of the small Yorkshire coal mining town are finding life rather tough. The pit is under threat and the brightest feature of their small mining village is also under threat, the village brass band. It would be fair to say, life could not get much lower.

Cairns’ Rondo Theatre will join with the Cairns Municipal Brass Band to bring the BAFTA-nominated film to the stage. Get ready to be Brassed Off.

The story is set in the northern Yorkshire town of Grimley during the turbulent times surrounding the privatisation of British Coal.

Brassed Off is written by Paul Allen and Mark Herman, directed by Wayne Rees with musical director Peter Caldwell.

A heart-warming story about community spirit and triumph in the face of adversity, Brassed Off is both funny and poignant and features rousing live music played by Cairns Municipal Brass Band.

Returning to her Yorkshire hometown up north, Gloria discovers a community in crisis.

The local Pit is on the brink of closure, money is scarce, and morale is at an all-time low. Only the Colliery Brass Band is keeping spirits up, sights set firmly on reaching the national brass band championships at the Royal Albert Hall, but as conversations turn to talk of picket lines and redundancy packages, the miners are falling out of tune.

Flugelhorn-playing Gloria brings hope to the band and the town. But is she all she seems?

How will the miners react when they find out who she works for?

The award-winning smash-hit film captured the hearts of a nation when it was released in 1996 and this new version of the BAFTA-nominated story is sure to captivate Cairns audiences.

Coming to the Rondo Theatre with opening night Friday April 30, with 11 performances in the season.

This is one stage production not to be missed. Staging will be amazing, with a 30-piece brass band providing a memorable soundtrack of band classics.

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