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14 November, 2020

Are you cool enough?

Years ago we wound down the windows on our cars, rested our elbows out the door and we were cool. Cool being not just cooler in temperature but also cooool.

By Peter McCullagh

Today when we want to be cool in our cars we flick a switch and presto, instant cooling air. We can even dial up degrees of coolness. How cool is that.

But unfortunately sometime we cannot be cool enough, because that wonderful air conditioning system is just not playing along. Its pumping luke-warm air or the airflow would not ruffle the toupee on Donald Trump’s head. We could be in for a grim summer.

Car air conditioning issues can be easily remedied. The trick is to identify the issue early and take preventative or remedial action.

The air isn’t cold enough.

If your air conditioning system is still working, but the air coming out of it isn’t cold enough to do its job, then your refrigerant may need topping up or recharging. If you don’t use your car air conditioning for long enough particularly in the colder months or on shorter trips, the problem can go unnoticed. As a result, turning your air conditioning on in the summer months, when you need it the most can be rather unpleasant if it’s not working.

Not a pleasant sweet smell.

If there is a bad smell coming out of your air con system, it can mean that your system just needs a good clean. Over time dust and dirt can pass through the system and get stuck. If this is the case the bacteria builds up and can cause a foul smell, a bit like mildew, that comes out when you turn the system on.

Barely a breathe of air

Sometimes leaks are caused in the system, which can cause your car’s air conditioning to stop working as efficiently as it used to. It can also indicate a more serious problem including compressor malfunctions. Moisture and age can cause your car air conditioning system to leak? Some of the lines within your air conditioning are made from rubber, which decomposes over time after being in contact with heat and moisture. This can cause the seals or hoses to leak and the refrigerant escapes out the system. Similarly, if the system is contaminated with moisture, it can affect other parts within the air conditioning.

Car air conditioning systems should be serviced regularly. With the extreme heat and humidity here in the north, our cars cooling systems take a hammering. The last thing we want is for it to fail when the temperature is in the mid-thirties and 100% humidity.

Book into a licenced car air conditioning specialist and have it checked now before summer, that way you can be doubly cool this summer.

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