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24 September, 2021

A musical night to delight – Songs for Nobodies

SONGS for Nobodies, a musical production originally written for one lead, one voice, recreating the sounds and emotions of five of this century’s greatest female voices. A tall ask by any stretch of the imagination.

By Peter McCullagh

Songs for Nobodies, by Joanna Murray-Smith has been performed worldwide, from the Sydney Opera House to the West-end in London and now will be adapted for the Rondo Theatre in Cairns.

Adapted for Cairns audiences, directed by Kevin and Narelle Shorey, this production harnesses the vocal depth and strength of five leading female artists to create a spellbinding evening of music and emotion.

Mora Turner, Kathy Carruthers, Cath Willacy, Alice Bredhauer and Patrice Hogan combine to recreate some of the most iconic artists of this century.

Five ‘nobodies’ – a New York ‘powder room’ attendant, an usher, a rookie journalist, a woman telling her father’s wartime story, and a waitress on Onassis’ yacht – each of them has an unforgettable encounter with a famous 20th century singer – Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Edith Piaf, Billy Holiday and Maria Callas.

When a great singer lets her voice float out over the anonymous crowd, or form the grooves of thousands of records, or flow through radios into millions of homes across the world, she makes countless unknown connections with people. The singer has her story and the listener hers, and should those stories touch each other, there can be magic.

Songs for Nobodies will be presented for a strictly limited season at the Rondo Theatre from next Thursday September 30 until Sunday October 2. Tickets are available from

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