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22 November, 2020

200 music videos in 6 years

Cairns based online music video channel, MusicViewTV, this month celebrates six years of operation and its 200th video, and is also nearing one million streams of their videos.

By Tanya Murphy

Aleta Tulk with Hip Hop band REB. Picture: Supplied

Originally part of the New York based BalconyTV, MusicViewTV showcases local and national musicians playing live accompanied with an artist interview.

“It’s been a wild ride. I took up the offer to do sound a couple of months after the first show, then a year and a half later I took over as producer,” said producer Kris Hutchinson.

In February 2019, BalconyTV New York abruptly terminated the network of producers from 50 cities worldwide.

“The decision at the time was, do we just fold or should we rebrand and go it alone. After heaps of encouragement from the team and more importantly my wife, we decided to forge ahead,” said Mr Hutchinson.

Since its inception in 2014 MusicViewTV has kept the same format.

“We have stuck to the original BalconyTV format because we know it works,” said presenter Aleta Tulk.

“People on the internet have short attention spans, so we try to keep introductions short, get straight into a song and then interview the artist and get to know them and see what makes them tick after.”

Part of the philosophy to MusicViewTV is the production values.

“We multi-track every session and go back to the studio and mix it properly,” said Mr Hutchinson.

MusicViewTV has also stuck with the one-camera policy.

“We tried two cameras and the editing took too long and it didn’t seem to flow as well, with a single shoulder mounted HD camera there is always movement so it creates a sense of participation.”

Filming resumed this September at AJ Hackett’s, Smithfield after a five-month hiatus during COVID-19 lockdown.

“Way back in March we had a go at streaming a concert, but realised then and there that too many things can go wrong and quite frankly, sitting in front of a computer screen for an hour with a fuzzy static image was okay at the time, but I think people want to get back to seeing live bands now.

“Our clips are mediums for acts to show what they’re like at their best, thus encouraging people to get out and see them live and download their music.”

Since 2017 MusicViewTV has also attended the Airlie Beach Festival of Music to film all the winners of the ‘Passport to Airlie’ Original Music Competition, which has enabled them to film some true music legends including Spy v Spy, 8 Ball Aitken, Chris Finnen, ex Sex Pistol Glen Matlock and more.

MusicViewTV’s website can be found at or

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