2 April, 2024

Drag show to liven up town

IN true diva fashion, iconic drag queen and live entertainer Prada Clutch will take you on a glittering drag extravaganza paying tribute to the history of Aussie drag and some of music HERstory’s biggest divas with Prada Clutch’s: All Drag Revue coming this April.

By Isabella Guzman Gonzalez

Prada Clutch’s All Drag Revue will honour Australia’s drag history and pop icons in music. Picture: Supplied
Prada Clutch’s All Drag Revue will honour Australia’s drag history and pop icons in music. Picture: Supplied

The glitter, the feathers, the wigs and the gowns are making their way up to the tropics for an unforgettable night at the Cairns Performing Arts Centre, on Friday, April 5 for a drag spectacular headlined by Prada Clutch, one of the country’s most in demand live-singing drag performers.

“The All Drag Revue is a bit of a spectacular of all of my favourite classic hits from back in the day Marilyn Monroe right through to today with Lady Gaga, hit classics from all over time and a journey of where drag began and where it is now and where it’s going,” Ms Clutch said.

“We’ve got all the showgirl stuff like Carlotta with Les Girls, feathers and sequins and glitz and glamour, and all the fun classic hits that inspired drag performers around the world.

“The show is everyone’s opportunity to come and forget everything going in their life and have fun, sing and dance, and let go.”

Ms Clutch said it was extremely exciting to take the All Drag Revue to an audience as welcoming as Cairns’ for a drag tribute for the ages.

“We love it, the audiences up in Queensland are so receptive, they just want to have a good time, so we can’t wait to return to Cairns,” she said.

“I’m friends with a lot showgirls and performers from back in the day and none of that kind of drag is being done anymore so it was an easy decision for me to bring it back with All Drag Revue.

“When it comes to performing is always good to be part of something meaningful and leave something good behind, the girls did back then and now their leaving that legacy in my hands and helping me create these shows.”

Ms Clutch invited fans of the best diva hits and classic drag to rush to CPAC for an uplifting, entertainment and historic musical extravaganza.

“I love the opening of the second act, it’s so sparkly it makes people gasp, the best is always having people interact,” she said.

“There’s so much going on in our lives, and it can be very stressful, so this is such an easy and fun way to get out of your routine. Come here, let your hair down and just have fun.”

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