10 February, 2024

Don’t be mean on Feb 14

AS it turns out, inflation can’t kill love. According to new research from Compare the Market, the average adult Australian will spend $162 on their significant other this Valentine’s Day.

Celebrate the romantic day with something special for your loved one. Picture: Prostock-Studio/iStock
Celebrate the romantic day with something special for your loved one. Picture: Prostock-Studio/iStock

But being in love will cost millennials more than double what the average Aussie couple spends.

Love-sick millennials will shell out a whopping $334.35 for their partner’s Valentine’s Day gift.

This is followed by generation Z ($185) and generation X ($142). Meanwhile, baby boomers appear to show their love in other ways, with the average senior spending just $20 on Valentine’s Day.

Compare the Market’s Chris Ford said gift-giving must be millennials’ love language.

“You can’t put a price on love, but $300 seems to be the going rate for Australian millennials this year,” Mr Ford said.

“If we put that into perspective, it’s enough for around 60 cups of coffee, to fill the car with petrol around three or four times or to purchase a weekend getaway.

“If it’s within their budget, and they’ve planned for this expense,  then that’s fantastic.

The data also found that Victorians are likely to spend the most on Valentine’s Day than other states, with the average price sitting at $266.80.

“Melbourne is renowned around the world for its restaurants and dining experiences, so it’s highly likely that Victorians will wow their loved ones by wining and dining them,” Mr Ford said.

“However, if you’re in South Australia, you may be at the short end of the stick. Our data shows that the average South Australian will spend $47.37 on Valentine’s Day.”

“The good news with Valentine’s Day is that there are so many ways you can celebrate your love for one another that doesn’t cost any money.” In Queensland it is $145.79 and in New South Wales $106.27.

How to save money on Valentine’s Day

DIY date night ideas 

Skip the five-star dining and make a special meal at home. Make your own movie ticket and build a fort in your living room to watch a movie (don’t forget all your partner’s favourite snacks). Light some candles around the home and dance or listen to music together.

Write a love note

Depending on who you’re dating, this V-day gift could backfire, but it could also earn you some serious brownie points. Writing a love note might sound old-fashioned, but there’s something utterly romantic about getting a pen writing to your loved one the different things you like about them. You could use a sticky note for each idea and put them all into a small box wrapped up. 

Bake something

They say the secret to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Try whipping up a batch of heart-shaped cookies. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, go buy one. Prices start as little as $2. Whatever recipe you decide to bake or cook, it’s going to be 100 per cent better than any premade food you can buy from a store - because it’s made with love.

Postpone your celebration

The day after Valentine’s Day, everything related to the day of love will significantly decrease in price. So maybe you could consider postponing your V-day plans until the following weekend. 

 Make them a mixtape

Long gone are the days when you burn a bunch of songs onto a CD. You can now make a playlist on Spotify. Pick all your partner’s favourite songs. 


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