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7 February, 2024

Connect police to CCTV

MAYORAL aspirant Cr Amy Eden wants Queensland Police to be given direct access to the Cairns’ CCTV network in a bid to tackle crime more effectively.

Connect police to CCTV - feature photo

She said now was not the time for more talkfests but for action.

In response to recent pledges made by fellow candidate Paul Taylor, a former senior police officer, Cr Eden said there was a need for tangible action over mere rhetoric. 

“Mr Taylor’s proposal for a community forum to understand the complexities of our safety concerns is simply inadequate. We cannot afford to delay action while our city grapples with rising crime rates,” she said.

“Mr Taylor spent a career in the police force and was operating at its highest level when crime and safety issues in Cairns reached their peak. For him to now say he needs to have a community forum to understand the issue defies belief.

“Our city is equipped with extensive camera networks, yet they remain underutilised in preventing crimes before they occur.  It’s time to empower our police force to actively monitor these resources and deploy preventive measures.”

She said there were plenty of cameras throughout the city to help the police. 


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