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31 March, 2021

Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce Launch Website

The Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce is connecting with the world this weekend with the launch of its own dedicated website.

The website at is the result of more than a year of development and is designed to reflect the hard work of the community group and its mission to help eradicate yellow crazy ants and electric ants from the Kuranda and Cairns region.

The Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce started in 2015 after residents in Russett Park Kuranda found their backyards and homes infested with yellow crazy ants.

At the time, there was minimal funding and resources to eradicate them.

With the support from Wet Tropics Management Authority and Kuranda Envirocare, residents and locals rallied together to protect their environment, homes and lifestyle by surveying and treating the infestation and raised money to kickstart yellow crazy ant research. Today, the Taskforce has grown to more than 270 members.

Previously, volunteers joined the Taskforce through the Kuranda Envirocare website.

New volunteers and locals can now easily register their interest online directly through the website to get involved in field activities, community education and workshops or sign up to stay informed about yellow crazy ant eradication updates.

The Taskforce is managed by Kuranda Envirocare. 

President of Kuranda Envirocare Cathy Retter has welcomed the new website.

“We’re very proud of our community volunteers responding to the call for assistance and joining the Taskforce to help eradicate this invasive ant infestation alongside Wet Tropics Management Authority,” she said.

“We hope this website will inform and encourage volunteers to join the Taskforce to help protect our Wet Tropics environment and neighbours from threats posed by invasive ants. I think it shows that we love being here and we care about our special place.” 

The Taskforce will launch the website to the community t on Saturday 27 March 2021 in Kuranda, out the front of FoodWorks 16 Thoree Street, Kuranda. 

The event, which includes a sausage sizzle, will start at 10:30am and run to 12:30pm. Locals qualify for a free sausage if they check out the website at the stall.

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