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4 December, 2020

Up close and personal with Santa

December is here and we all turn our thoughts to Christmas. The big jolly old Santa is busy making final preparations and ensuring everything is ship shape for his overnight blitz delivering toys to all the boys and girls.

By Peter McCullagh

Ashleigh Karaitiana from the Melbourne Boomers with her beautiful daughter Kalea meets Santa at

Cairns Local News was fortunate to catch up for an exclusive chat with the jolly old man during a recent promotional tour through North Queensland.

Seated in the foyer of Bailey in Cairns CBD the big man looked resplendent, if not a little hot in his fur-lined suit, but willing to discuss all things Christmas.

Q. Santa, how have you managed to get time away for this PR tour? Surely you are too busy at this time of year?

“Well, COVID has helped us this year. We’ve been in lock-down at the North Pole and as a result we are ahead of the game and ready for Christmas.”

“I also planned this trip because the borders were opened, allowing me to catch up with some friends and spread some joy before the big day”

Q. Has COVID affected your team at all?

“The misses got a small dose, but we isolated her in the toy storage room. Fortunately we had some doctors and nurses kits so Alabaster Snowball, my Elf Chief of Staff was able to administer care and Mrs Claus is as fit as you can possibly imagine now.”

Q. OK Santa, what advice do you have for all our readers out there?

“Be kind this year. Take the time to help a friend. COVID has been nasty for so many people and there’s lots of boys and girls in Victoria as well as overseas who have been in lock-down. So please be kind and think of them first.”

Q. What’s the best part of being Santa?

“Easy, I love the way a face lights up on Christmas morning when the kiddies see all the presents I have left for them. The squeals of joy and laughter makes my job so much more enjoyable.”

Q. What’s the least favourite part of being Santa?

“Gee it’s the know-it-all kids and adults who do not believe. They feel they know best, but the magic of Christmas is very special, and you cannot see the wind, nor can you capture the wind, but it’s real, it’s there and like Santa you can feel the effect of the spirit of Christmas. So to the doubting Thomas’s out there, please believe. The world is a better place when the spirit of Christmas is all around.”

Q. Is Rudolf still your favourite reindeer?

“I admire Rudolf so much. He was bullied and he overcame the bullies. That’s a good   and a very positive thing. I know so many children are bullied, so be like Rudolf, you can overcome bullies without fighting back. Be strong, show bullies just how special you can be.”

Q. How do you visit all the millions of children around the world?

Now that’s magic. All I know is that time seems to stand still and it’s amazing just how quickly we work.

Q. Do you like it when children leave milk and cookies out for you?

“Oh, I love it, but I’m struggling a bit this year with my weight, so leave a carrot or two out for Rudolf  and the team, they really need a carrot or two to get through the night.”

Q. How do you recover after Christmas?

“Well the Misses and I are planning to relax and unwind. It’s been a big year and we are looking forward to coming back here to Cairns, after Christmas and having a few quiet weeks just doing nothing. Might even try diving on the reef. Who knows, I’m hoping I get a reef trip voucher myself for Christmas.”

Well before I could blink the great man was off, he had too much to do and too many people to see. So I guess we will have to wait patiently for Christmas Day and see what magic Santa has in store for us.

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