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18 February, 2021

Travelling coffee family hits the road

THE co-founders of a popular local coffee business, who were instrumental in the movement towards reducing plastic waste in Cairns, are embarking on a round-Australia awareness-raising trip.

By Tanya Murphy

Troy and Daniela Furner with Xavia (9) and Marley (7).

Troy and Daniela Furner co-founded Cairns coffee brand Blackbird Espresso and wholesale company Coffee NQ with Graham and Lin Penfold in 2014.

After seven successful years of serving specialty coffee at their two cafes and wholesale business in Cairns, the Furners are now farewelling the region and setting off on a cross-country trip which they will share through their Instagram account, ‘The Travelling Coffee Family.’

They will set off next week on the epic year-long trip with their children Xavia (9) and Marley (7) as ambassadors for reusable coffee cup initiative Green Caffeen.

“Australians throw out a whopping 2.7 million single-use or disposable coffee cups every single day, and they are not easily recycled due to their plastic lining and contamination, often ending up in landfill, or worse, as plastic litter in our environment,” said Mr Furner.

“Throughout our trip we hope to highlight the natural beauty that we are so lucky to have in Australia, and the importance of protecting it.

“Thanks to Green Caffeen, coffee addicts can now get their fix without contributing towards waste in our beautiful environment.

“Just download the free Green Caffeen App, grab a free reusable cup from a participating café, scan it, take it home and enjoy your coffee, and return it on your next visit, just like a library book.”

Green Caffeen was started by two men in New South Wales, and there are already more than 500 participating stores in Australia, including more than 20 in Cairns, and the initiative has already saved more than half a million cups from going to landfill.

The Furner’s Newell Street Café, Blackbird Warehouse, is leading the way in giving single-use cups the bird after celebrating “Use Your Own Cup Day” on January 28.

The café succeeded in going nearly 100 per cent single-use-free after a three-week campaign encouraging customers to embrace reusable cups.

Now, Mr and Mrs Furner have sold the business and will travel around Australia with a four-wheel drive and a campervan, stopping in at cafes all over the country.

They will also post videos from their adventures, including lots of tips on different methods of coffee brewing, while showcasing the natural beauty of Australia.

Follow their adventures on Instagram, @thetravellingcoffeefamily.

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