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13 April, 2022


Last year we diverted 2,134 tyres from landfill! It costs from $8.40 (passenger vehicle) to dispose of a tyre at waste transfer stations.

This charge covers the cost for Council to responsibly dispose of tyres. All of our tyres are sent to TyreCycle where they are recycled or repurposed into other products like brake pads, non-slip surfaces and even fuel. 

If you are tempted to avoid the costs of responsibly disposing of your tyres, remember that illegally dumped tyres have environmental impacts and cost Council for removal. 

You can also be fined for illegal dumping. 

So do the right thing. Recycle your tyres and don’t rubbish our backyard. 

If you witness someone dumping in our backyard report the incident on 1300 763 903, OR report online at

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