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14 January, 2021

Supporters optimistic about development

IAN Parmenter and his wife originally designed their home specifically to enjoy a beautiful view overlooking the Paradise Palms golf course, but they are now optimistic about the plans for its redevelopment.

By Tanya Murphy

Paradise Palms resident Ian Parmenter supports the PPNQ development.

“We’ve lived in the local area for over 20 years, so it was really upsetting for us when we heard about the imminent closure of the golf course, and I became actively involved in the Save Paradise Palms Association,” Mr Parmenter said.

“I guess the turning point for me was when I looked around the area and I saw that Chinese developers had bought Double Island, they also bought Charlie’s hotel and restaurant in town, with grandiose plans to redevelop them.

“So I figured if the golf course was privately owned and wasn’t returning a profit, if PPNQ weren’t to go ahead with their redevelopment, it could’ve been sold to example to a Chinese developer, possibly for an even less desirable development.

“Even though I’m really upset that the golf course has closed, if this development does go ahead, my vision is that my grandchildren will come to visit and they will think they have the greatest grandparents in the world when we take them to the waterpark.

“Even though myself and a lot of people wish the golf course was still there, this is maybe the best alternative, and not only that, it’s being done by a local developer providing local jobs, as well as a new primary school which is much needed on the northern beaches, so I think it’s got a lot of plusses.

“I guess the other things is – I have seen the plans and I think it’s going to offer something other than the other developments on the northern beaches which are often small blocks and narrow streets.

“I, just as much as anyone, would have wanted the golf course stay. But if it couldn’t stay, then this is possibly the next best alternative.”

PPNQ Developments managing Director Darren Halpin said he regretted not being able to keep the land as a golf course but the golfing industry was in global decline.

“The golf course is not sustainable and has gone broke on two occasions,” he said.

“We couldn’t find a golf course operator to acquire it, and I said I’m not going to sell it to someone else from somewhere else to land develop it – I’ll do it myself as a local, and produce a lovely product.

“Property values have always fluctuated in that area, and we are going to give residents certainty going forward.

“We have done plenty of community consultation and engaged with the locals, and I’m always available if anyone would like to chat with me.

“I’m a local and I have four young kids, we are involved in lots of charities and sporting clubs. I care about this community and its future.”

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