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19 November, 2021


Implementation of the Asset Rationalisation program has commenced with negotiations underway with individual assets and community groups to ensure the best resolutions are reached for the whole community.

The Cassowary Coast Regional Council is committed to reducing depreciation, insurance premiums and other operational costs of underutilised and obsolete assets in the community through user agreements, leases of these assets or disposal.

CCRC’s Property Protection (ISR) Insurance cover was reviewed leading up to its renewal for the 2021/2022 financial year. Council’s approach was in line with the principles for community use of assets and Council’s corporate risk profile, that lead to an overall reduction in our premium of 17% from last year. 

Cassowary Coast Regional Council Mayor, Mark Nolan said Council wants to ensure the community that the asset rationalisation process is focused on better utilising our community assets and investing in solutions that bring benefits to the whole community and not just about demolishing assets. 

“The first stage of the rationalisation process has been to reassess all of Council’s tenure arrangements in accordance with the community use of assets principles, as well as identifying properties, such as old caretaker homes, which have no operational benefit to Council. 

“It is critical that this process is undertaken correctly, with due diligence, and it is equally important for Council to have thorough stakeholder engagement with user groups before any decisions are implemented, which means the process to date has taken longer than expected. 

“Already Council has achieved tangible results with a number of agreements executed and negotiations over tenure arrangements will continue. Importantly savings realised are not one off savings, but are savings which will be recurring in future budgets. 

“These agreements ensure costs to utilise these facilities become the responsibility of the property users, which has previously not been consistently managed,” said Councillor Nolan. 

“An auction has been organised for the relocation and sale of the former caretaker residences at Warrina Lakes, Tully Showgrounds and Pease Park as well as one demountable building from Warrina Lakes which will take place on 25 November at Pease Park in the Russ Hinze Building (Ground Floor) in Innisfail.” 

Council will continue to provide updates to the community as this program progresses. 

For more information on the Asset Rationalisation project visit Councils website,

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