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5 November, 2021

Sound As A Pound!

WHEN I find passionate people, I generally find a great story. When they’re passionate about their work and animal lovers, well that really grabs my attention.


Mike & Danni, Local Law Officers At The Douglas Shire Pound In Mossman

I discovered this combination at the Douglas Shire Council Pound, in the form of Local Law Officers Danni and Mick. Consequently, I couldn’t resist a visit to find out what goes on there and I was truly amazed. 

You may be tempted to think that this is just a go to place for the odd stray dog or cat, but it’s an absolutely essential requirement for our Shire in a number of ways. 

True, stray dogs and cats are common visitors to these extremely clean, tidy and wellkept facilities, but there are nuisance and dangerous animals to be considered. 

The term dangerous has a wide spectrum, from an animal that has maybe killed other pets to, in the worst-case scenario, one that has bitten a child. Even feral cats can have their moments! 

Each case is carefully assessed and most much-loved family pets end up back at home with an action plan to avoid further issues. 

Sometimes it may be that owners need some down time ‘At The Mayors Pleasure’ while they sort out better arrangements to ensure that their four-legged friend doesn’t do a ‘Houdini’ again. 

Worryingly though, it seems that the pound has become busier in recent months, with examples like puppy numbers increasing. You can rest assured, however, that animals will always be cared for, with treatment for fleas and ticks administered at the pound, if necessary. The team also have a network of contacts, such as the RSPCA, who will then assist in re-homing. 

Returning to Danny and Mick, it is very evident they are absolutely committed to their work and although they accept their job involves some tough situations, they clearly love it. Mick is a gentle giant who possesses a special gift when communicating with dogs. Mick’s first day, however, involved coming into contact with a very large goat. 

Danni has, occasionally, had to deal with turtle rescue and even assist with the odd family pig. One apparently had pink painted hooves……nice! 

It’s great to know that these guys are around to assist when needed and our Shire has a great pound facility. 

Must be time for walkies, so for now it’s Gazza signing out! 

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