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12 November, 2021

Showcasing the Region’s finest young creative talents

The online exhibition is part of the Department of Education’s Creative Generation of Excellence Awards in visual art 2021.

It features works by local Excellence award recipients, Varnia Nona from Cairns State High School and Tom Cuzzubbo from St Augustine’s College, Cairns. Varni Nona’s work titled, The Australian Constitution, comprises a series of drawings of pen and hand stamped lettering. In her artist statement, Nona said her work explores the impact the Australian Parliament and legal system has had on Indigenous Australians. 

“This work explores this impact through both a contemporary context and personal lens and as a vehicle to highlight suppressed histories, truths, and viewpoints. Each drawing symbolises a chapter in the constitution and a shard in our shattered history,” she said. 

Tom Cuzzubbo’s sculpture, The Llama Project, combines traditional ceramic work with commercial printing techniques. It features one large Llama sculpture and a multitude of miniatures in addition to hundreds of stickers. 

Cuzzubbo said he wanted to “create a work that lives in the gallery space, the real world and the virtual world simultaneously”. He achieved this by extending the Llama’s gallery presence to an Instagram account where he has posted images of the llamas and stickers out in the community.

Anais Neisler from St Monica’s College, Cairns received one of seven regional Encouragement awards for her work, In Pursuit of Happiness. The installation of two hyper-realistic portraits and an animation explores the “insatiable human desire to acquire wealth, prestige, fame, power and influence” and reminds the viewer that the “happiness” they seek is within themselves. 

Commendation awards went to: Mali Smedts from Cairns State High School; Bianca Giles from Freshwater Christian College, Brinsmead; Amyrosa Enderlin from St Stephen’s Catholic College, Mareeba; Jason Blee from Trinity Anglican School, White Rock; Jessica Overton from Trinity Anglican School, White Rock; Phoebe Timmins from Trinity Anglican School, White Rock; and Thomas Chen from Trinity Anglican School, White Rock. Smedt’s colourful mixed media sculpture, Bus Stop Bunny, is composed of fabric, wooden dowel rods, buttons, concrete, gumboots, raincoat, tape and wool. 

The awards recognise and promote excellence in senior visual art education throughout Queensland state and non-state schools. 

See the variety of creative works by these students and the other regional entrants at:

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