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13 August, 2020

Road Rage Material

Perhaps the least understood and the most misunderstood rule on the road today, the merge right rule. We see it all the time, it might even cause frustration and rage within us, but the ruling is very simple.

By Peter McCullagh

The driver of the orange car needs to merge right into the lane currently occupied by the blue car.

The orange car is slightly in front of the blue car, so does the infamous ‘zipper’ rule apply.

A resounding no is the answer. The ‘zipper’ rule is not applicable at all. The driver of the orange car must give way to the driver of the blue car.

The road rules are very clear. If your lane's coming to an end (signified by the line markings on the road) then you must give way to traffic that's already in the lane you're moving into.

So in this case it's the driver of the orange car who has to give way to the blue car.

With so many overtaking lanes on our highway, we are confronted regularly by this road rule, and perhaps we are not as familiar as we should be with who actually should have right of way.

If you know anyone who might have gotten it wrong perhaps share this article with them. Together let’s make the highway a safer and less stressful environment.

If you are uncertain regarding this and other road safety issues, please check out the TMR website on

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