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14 May, 2021

Rescue Carers Wanted

The Agile Project is on the hunt for a fresh batch of rescue recruits for their upcoming Macropod Rescuer Training session this month.

By Nicole Gibson

Agile Wallaby rescuers Alison James, Rachel Block and Kelly Bellamy with joeys Sheldon, Leonard and Penny.

A big heart and $20 is all it takes to become a wildlife rescuer with the group encouraging locals from the Cairns Northern Beaches to get involved.

Local real estate agent Rachel Block started rescuing with the group two years ago and said saving a life is one of the role’s greatest rewards.

“The most memorable rescues are when you are able to save a life,” Rachel said.

“So, whether it’s removing a live joey from a deceased Mum or whether it’s actually being able to rehabilitate an injured wallaby any call out that ends in saving a life are definitely the ones you remember.”

Most people would think that a busy work schedule would make it hard to commit to a role as a rescuer but that hasn’t stopped Rachel.

“Rescues can happen very early in the morning or very late at night because of the road traffic and because I am a real estate agent I’m constantly driving to different locations so I actually have the ability, when I’m not in an appointment to attend call outs,” she said.

Rachel, who won the group’s Rescuer of the Year Award last year, has done more than 100 rescues.

She said anyone who has a passion for animals would make a good rescuer with the ability to specialise in different rescue types.

“Different rescuers play different roles,” Rachel said.

“Anyone who has a passion for helping wildlife or anyone that is frustrated and wants to be the change, would definitely have the qualities of being a rescuer.”

The Agile Project is currently in the process of undertaking the nation’s largest ever wallaby relocation after an ongoing battle to protect the creatures.

Rachel said the group couldn’t do their work without the support of the Cairns Northern Beaches Community.

“It’s a community effort, that’s the amazing thing,” she said.

“I’m the one running around doing it but there’s people that are ringing in to get us there then there’s other people that pass the joeys onto us after they’ve rescued them.”

The course is being held on Saturday 22 May with each course attendee also receiving their own rescuer car kit. For more information or to register for the course visit:

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