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7 June, 2021

Panel to discuss saving the Great Barrier Reef

Find out how to save the Great Barrier Reef today, as Divers for Climate (D4C) brings together renowned scientists and reef advocates in an online panel to answer all your questions.

Port Douglas marine scientist Dr Dean Miller

The webinar to be held at 4pm today is called ‘Saving the Great Barrier Reef,' and is part of a series of webinars organised by D4C to celebrate World Oceans Week.

The event will allow participants to pose a range of questions to reef experts Adam Smith, Dean Miller and David Cazzulino.

Reef Ecologic founder Adam Smith is a scientist based at James Cook University in Townsville, who works on coral reef restoration and education around reef issues and solutions.

Great Barrier Reef Legacy’s Dean Miller is a scientist and filmmaker based in Port Douglas, who has participated in more than 300 ocean expeditions all over the world and has been involved more than 50 nature documentaries. GBR Legacy is leading a ‘Coral Biobank’ project to gather samples of all the world’s corals and keep them in aquariums as a ‘backup’ in case of ocean degradation.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society’s David Cazzulino has been involved since 2013 in community-led campaigns to protect the Reef, including stopping three mega coal port expansions, securing a ban on capital dredge spoil dumping at the Reef, and successfully opposing a $1 billion public loan to the Adani coal project.

D4C Coordinator Yolanda Waters said the purpose of the panel discussion was cover a range of frequently asked questions around climate action, reef restoration and Australia’s evolving relationship with the reef.

“Climate change is threatening the future of coral reefs around the world and the world's largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef, is no exception,” she said.

“Through this webinar panel, they hope to dive into a nuanced discussion about the ways we can help protect the Great Barrier Reef in a changing climate.

“From reef restoration to climate action, these experts will share their work, insights and perspectives about how we, individuals and communities, can help conserve coral reefs like the Great Barrier Reef into the future.”

Divers for Climate is a community-led initiative that aims to normalize climate conversations and motivate climate action throughout the global dive community and beyond.

“We know how passionate divers are about the ocean, and we know that if given the right tools and support, the dive community could drive the climate movement forward significantly and contribute to emissions reductions around the world,” said Ms Waters.

For more information or to register for the webinar visit or follow them on Instagram.

Reef restoration expert Adam Smith

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