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5 August, 2021

MP wants an end to stolen cars

A VERY unhappy Member for Hinchinbrook, Nick Dametto is calling for an improved strategy to put an end to the rampage of stolen vehicles on our streets.

Channelling the very best Beverly Hills Cop analogy MP Nick Dametto even raised the idea of ‘shooting the back tyres of a stolen car to bring about an end to the car chase.

“Shooting the back tyres of a stolen vehicle may be a little outdated but is it too much to ask for the State Government to come up with a strategy for disabling these stolen cars somehow without waiting for them to potentially kill another person on our streets.”

“It appears the current strategy to stop juveniles while joy riding in stolen cars is waiting for them to have an accident or run out of fuel, this just isn’t good enough, he said.

“I’m not having a shot at Queensland Police here; they are required to work within the guidelines. The problem is Police Officers need to be equipped with better technology and strategies to bring these offenders to a holt.

“Simply waiting for juveniles joy riding in their stolen vehicles to come to a crashing end is not a sufficient strategy for protecting our community.

“Deploying stingers have proven to be somewhat effective but rarely put an end to all pursuits.

“The community is calling to scrap the ‘no pursuit policy’ which isn’t working. I understand that this has been put in place to protect Police Officers, motorists, and juvenile offenders. However, the unintended consequence is wild and unleashed lawlessness for sometimes days on our streets.

“It’s a bit hard for the average joe citizen to cop a speeding fine for a couple of kilometres over while these kids seem to get away blue murder.

“It’s time for Queensland Labor Government to completely reassess the way Queensland Police Service deal with the pursuit of stolen vehicles and look at other places around the world that are managing this in a more proactive way.




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