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15 March, 2021

Introducing the Wildlife Dome’s youngest furry resident

A new cute furry face has recently been seen venturing out of her mother’s pouch at the Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome.

Pullman Reef Hotel Casino Director of Sales Louise Matthews with Nellie the mother koala and "Lulu" the baby koala who was named after her.

The female Koala joey, who was born in July last year and has recently started to emerge from her mother Nellie’s pouch, has been named Lulu.

Lulu is named after Louise Matthews, the Director of Sales at Pullman Reef Hotel Casino, who frequently visits the wildlife park on top of the Casino to see Nellie.

Louise was overjoyed when she learned the directors of the CaPTA Group had decided to name the little one ‘Lulu’ in her honour, and thrilled to meet the mini marsupial of her namesake.

“I am over the moon to have The Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome’s newest baby koala arrival Lulu named after me. Lulu is a cuteness overload, and an absolute must visit!” she said.

Louise also highlighted the close relationship between the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino and Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome. Which, given the current state of tourism, is more important than ever.

“For the last six years in my sales role at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino I have worked closely with the CaPTA Group, and especially with Lulu’s mum Nellie who is a fixture in my sales presentations and always gets to be a talking point”, she said.

Lulu is the youngest Koala to call Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome home, and  the fifth Koala joey to be born in the last year for the CaPTA Group.

With a growing Koala population, the CaPTA Group is consistently aiming to maintain a sustainable eucalypt source.

The CaPTA Group has recently purchased 7000 Eucalypt plants to expand their eucalypt plantations for a future supply of koala food.

The trees will be planted on the CaPTA Group’s existing plantations at Lotus Glen Correctional Centre and Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas.

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