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12 November, 2021


There are many reasons to be part of a club.


Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre (PDNC) Book Clubs

Sharing interests with like-minded people, the social aspect, meeting new circles of friends, discovering fresh life experiences and sometimes just simply getting out of the house! 

Two great examples are the Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre (PDNC) Book Clubs and yes there are two as I’ll explain.

The first was formed two years ago and is sometimes referred to as the ‘Original Book Club’. As Organiser Anna explained, it’s also been named ‘The Ladies Who Lunch’ Book Club, as it’s a great reason to get dressed up and go out to one of the many local restaurants. 

Either way, it became an instant success and is a great way for newcomers to the area to make friends. 

‘The Ladies Who Lunch’ had a recent meeting at Silkari Lagoons in Port Douglas, where they discussed The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. 

The second club is known as ‘Page Turners’. Organiser Margot contacted PDNC when she first came to Port, 18 months ago having heard they had a book club. Unfortunately, there was a waiting list to join, as the club had a limit of 10 members, mainly because the library sourced books come in sets of only 10. 

Chrissy from PDNC suggested that Margot start a new club and by sourcing books using various other methods, the club is now up to 19 members. 

Members take it in turns to choose the book for the month. Each member then sources their own copy possibly as an ebook, audio book or simply an old fashioned paperback. Whoever selects the book also selects where they have lunch. This may be a restaurant, at home or even a picnic in the park. 

Books are selected well in advance and Margot sends out a monthly newsletter on upcoming books, blurbs, availability, plus potential venues and menu. 

Members of both book clubs feel very lucky to have the Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre providing great work in our community and encourage anyone who’s feeling lonely, isolated or just in need of fun to get involved with a range of activities on offer. So why not get in touch. 

Time for a good novel, so for now it’s Gazza signing out.

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